The Malawi National Examinations Board (MANEB) is pleased to inform the general public that its first ever regional  office since the inception of MANEB in 1987 was officially opened on 1st July 2018 by the  Director of Inspectorate and Advisory Services in the Ministry of Education Science and Technology, Mr R.Z Agabu. The opening of the regional office   is a fulfilment of one of MANEB’s five year (2016-2021) strategic goals.   The office, based in Mzuzu in the Northern region, is situated in Luwinga location in IDA maintenance building and it is fully operational.

 In line with our core values of equitability and fairness, which emphasize on providing examination services that promote fairness and equitable procedures in the provision of examination services to clientele from various social and economic backgrounds in a uniform manner, the Mzuzu office will help reduce the burden that clients in the Northern region used to face whenever they wanted to access our services.  Clients in the north used to cover a long distance to our Zomba office, that entailed high travel expenses, and other inconveniences related to long distance travelling.


Services  being  offered at the Mzuzu  office  include:

·         Provision of MSCE notification of results slip

·         Provision of local and international academic transcripts

·         Provision of certificates by accumulation and certifying statements

·         Certificates verification

·         Determining academic equivalence of MANEB certificates

·         Receiving  registration data

·         Provision of forms for identity cards

All correspondence to the Northern Region office should be addressed to: 

The Regional Manager (North)

P. O. Box 20289


                                   Mzuzu 2

Note:    For more information regarding the requirements and processing fees for some of the services above, please go on services from the website’s menu.


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