We determine the equivalency of certificates by providing a comparison statement between our certificates and those offered by other examining boards. The service is rendered at a fee of K3,000  and 20 dollars per statement  for applicants within Malawi and outside Malawi, respectively. Minimum processing period is two weeks.

Applicants for the service should submit the following:

a. an authentic copy of  the certificate  requiring the determination

b. proof of payment for the service

The fees should be deposited in our account;


Banker: National Bank of Malawi 

Account number: 1123688

Service Centre: Zomba

Swift Code: NBMAMWMW(for deposits outside Malawi)

A copy of the deposit slip should be attached to the application


Note the following:

a. MANEB does not change bearer’s  names  on certificates 

b. MANEB does not combine subjects from different certificates to form one certificate. Instead , a  candidate can obtain a notification of results slip or an academic transcript  as proof  of having passed subsequent examination 

c. If a candidate sits  same level examination  for several years , passes and  obtains a certificate at each sitting ,he/she should  only keep one certificate  and surrender  the rest to MANEB  


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