A candidate who satisfies requirements for the award of MSCE within three consecutive years can apply for production of MSCE certificate. The processing fee is K5,000.00 and, all things being equal, it only takes a day to produce a certificate. Applications should include the following information:

a) name of applicant ;

b) years of sitting the examination e.g. 2014,2015;

c) name  and examination number of centres  where applicant  sat  examinations  in the years  (b) above;

d) applicant’s examination numbers at each sitting;

e) grades obtained at each sitting, and

f) contact details of the applicant.

Note: Processing is done upon production of proof of payment for the service. Payment can be done in person at our MANEB offices during submission of the application or be deposited in our account;

Account Name : MANEB 

Banker: National Bank of Malawi 

Account number: 1123688

Service Centre: Zomba .

A copy of the deposit slip should be attached to the application.


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