Students wishing to write national examinations are supposed to register their names with any approved MANEB examination centre of their convenience.  MANEB does not directly register candidates. 

MANEB sets registration period which is usually the first term of an academic year. Prospective candidates are required to register during this stated period as MANEB does not entertain registration outside the required period.

Complete registration requires that a candidate registers for and pays subject fees, entry fee, administration fee, form fee (for externals only), centre fee and identity card processing fees.

Primary school students from public schools are exempted from these fees except for identity card processing fee. However, primary school pupils from private institutions are required to pay all the fees as stated above.

This is done electronically at MANEB examination centre level. An electronic spreadsheet, which is the same as a provisional blank nominal roll, is used for registering the candidates. Thus, instead of writing with a pen on a provisional nominal roll, a computer is used to capture the information.

Captured data on subjects should be submitted respective District Education Manager’s offices from where they would forwarded to MANEB.

Examination centres which are not conversant with this system should seek assistance from their respective District Education Manager’s office or they could contact MANEB directly.

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