The Examination Administration Directorate’s main role is to provide logistical support during administration and marking of examination. The directorate has three sections;

i. Examination Administration

ii. Examination Processing 

iii. Candidate Certification



      The functions of the directorate are:

i) coordinating   registration of candidates for examination,

ii) production of examination tables, 

iii) coordinating administration  of national examinations,

iv) facilitating marking of national examinations,

v) disseminating  Chief Examiners’ reports to schools,

vi) recruiting and training  markers and

vii) Quality control of marking and score verification.


Examinations Administered

• Primary School Leaving  Certificate Examination ( PSLCE)

• Malawi School  Certificate of Education (MSCE)

• Primary Teachers’ Certificate of Education ( PTCE)

• Craft 


Registration of candidates for examination 

a) registration is done at approved MANEB examination centres

b) examination and  identity card fees are paid at the examination centre

c) examination centres  deposit  the fees in MANEB account

d) examination centres submit their registration data, passport size photographs for the candidates and copies of bank deposit slips for the fees to the District Education Managers( DEM) offices  

e) Data Officers at DEMs  offices submit the data to MANEB offices 


Note: Examination fees should be deposited in either of the following MANEB accounts; account number  1123807, National Bank of Malawi, Zomba Branch or account number 14345191, New Building Society, Zomba Branch.

Identity card fees should be deposited in account number 1090372, National Bank of    Malawi , Zomba Branch or  account number 14355308 , New Building  Society, Zomba Branch.

Our FDH bank account for both examination and identity card fees payments is  account number 1210000016126, Zomba Branch.

 Candidates’ verification of registration data 

 After receiving the registration data, MANEB sends nominal rolls to examination centres showing candidates’ names, sex, subjects registered for etc. Every candidate should carefully check the correctness of his/ her details, make corrections ( where necessary) and endorse.

Examination centres send back the nominal rolls  to MANEB for the necessary amendments.


Note: MANEB is establishing regional offices to coordinate registration process of candidates and the   first  office will be in Mzuzu . The office will be fully operational from by 1st July 2018. 


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