The Malawi National  Examinations  Board (MANEB)  in  conjunction with the   Ministry  of   Education,   has   released   the   2020   Malawi  School Certificate of Education (MSCE)  examination results.

1.  Out  of the 138,310  candidates who sat for this examination,  57,293 have passed.   This represents 41.42% pass rate.

2.   Out  of the  64,297  female candidates who sat for this  examination, 22,270 have passed.   This represents 34.64 % pass rate.

3.   Out of the 74,013 male candidates who  sat for this examination, 35,023 have passed.   This  represents 47.32 % pass rate.

4.   Out  of the 687 Special Needs  Education (SNE)  candidates who  sat for this examination,  277  have passed.    This  represents 40.32%  pass rate.

5.   Out  of the 359 SNE  female candidates  who sat for  this examination, 124 have passed.   This represents 34.54% pass rate.

6.   Out  of the 328 SNE  male candidates  who sat  for this  examination, 153 have passed.   This represents  46.65% pass rate. 

7.  The    results     of    3    candidates   have     been   withheld   pending investigations for contravening  MANEB regulations.   The letter  'W' appears against the names of such candidates on the pass/fail list.

8.  All candidates  are informed that their results  will be  available at the centers where they registered for the examination.

9.  All candidates wishing to query their results should do  so in writing through  their  heads  of   school  where  they   registered   for  the examination.

10. All queries  should reach  MANEB  by  30    April, 2021.  After  this date no further queries will be accepted.

11.    MANEB       will        not      accept      any        query      about      the results  made  directly  to  the  Board  by  candidates   or  any   other individual.


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