On 20th December 2019, the Executive Director for MANEB, Mr. Gerald Chiunda, held a press briefing to update the media on activities that MANEB had undertaken to mark the closure of the 2019 examination calendar and preparations for the 2020 Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSLCE) and Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE). The press briefing was held at the Central Office of Information in Blantyre. 

Below are the issues that he raised during the briefing regarding the 2019 examinations:

·  MANEB   successfully administered  the following examinations;

a)   PSLCE  from  8th to 10th May , 2019

b)   MSCE  from 18th June to Thursday 11th July 2019

c)   Primary Teacher Certificate  from 10th  to 13th December 2019

d)   Malawi Advanced Craft from 2nd to 6th December 2019 and this also marked the phasing out of the Malawi Craft Examination.

·         2019 PSLCE and MSCE examination results were announced by on 5th August and 2nd September, respectively

·          The announcement of the results was done  by the Honorable  Minister of Education ,Science and Technology, Dr William Susuwele Banda ,MP at a Press Conference

·          The announcement of both PSLCE and MSCE examinations was done before the opening of the 2019/20 academic year

·         MANEB remains grateful to the government  for the support  which facilitated  the  timely release of the results

·         After the release of both PSLCE and MSCE results, MANEB accorded candidates an opportunity to send queries regarding the results. Most of the  queries centred on missing grades or nullified grades for some of the candidates. An analysis of the queries revealed that the missing  or nullified grades were a result of candidates’ use of a wrong examination number other than the ones assigned by MANEB  and those queries were resolved.

·         After release of MSCE examinations results  candidates’ notifications of results slips were sent to respective examinations centres through the District Education Managers (DEMs) Offices

·         Candidates that were dissatisfied with their grades were given a chance to apply for remark and  remark results were released on 30th October, 2019.

·         2019 MSCE certificates have  been dispatched to schools through DEMs offices. Candidates that passed the 2019 MSCE examination are being advised to collect the certificates from the centres where they had registered for the examination.

·          MANEB dispatched 2018, 2017 and 2016 MSCE certificates  to schools last year. Those who sat and passed the 2018, 2017 and 2016 MSCE examinations at one sitting should collect their certificates from their  respective former schools as soon as possible

Regarding preparations for the 2020 PSLCE and MSCE examinations, the Executive Director said that;

·         the cycle commenced on 16th September, 2019. In August 2019  MANEB sent circular letters on candidates’ registration for 2020 PSLCE and MSCE examinations to approved examination centres and DEMs. The circulars had clearly stipulated the registration schedules including the registration  closing date of 31st October 2019.

·         DEMs offices were advised to submit the registration data for their respective districts to MANEB offices by 15th November 2019 and  most DEMs complied with the set submission dates.

·         MANEB did not open up for late registration. Therefore, all those whose data was not received by MANEB within the stipulated deadlines should consider themselves not to have registered for the 2020 PSLCE and MSCE examinations. And MANEB will not re-open the window for any late registration.

·         MANEB  has printed and sent 2020 PSLCE and MSCE examinations nominal rolls to all approved examination centres.

·          All candidates that registered for the 2020 PSLCE and MSCE examinations should visit their examination centres to verify their registration details on nominal roll in terms of correctness of their name spellings , name order and sex

·         External candidates should take the verification exercise seriously to avert challenges that could be there during administration of the examinations and after the release of examination results.

·          During the verification exercise each candidate should sign against his/ her name and this should only be done upon satisfying oneself that the details appearing on the nominal roll are correct.

·          The nominal roll verification exercise is only meant for verification of the details   that candidates submitted during registration . Therefore, centres should not register candidates at this stage.

·         The verification exercise is crucial because it is the only stage at which candidates can advise and request MANEB, through their school heads, to correct their details.  After this stage MANEB shall not accept or entertain any requests for correction of candidates’ details in its data base.

·         The last day for receiving nominal roll queries at MANEB is 31st January 2020. Schools shoud take note of that date and comply.

·          MANEB  has dispatched the 2020 PSLCE and MSCE timetables which  approved examination centres should collect  together with nominal rolls  from the DEMs Office

·         PSLCE examinations will be administered from Wednesday, 20th May to Friday 22nd May, 2020 and MSCE examinations will run from Tuesday, 23rd June to Thursday, 16th July 2020.






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