Be informed that registration of candidates, payment of examination and identity card fees and collection of photos for production of examination identity cards starts on 16th September 2019 in examination centres approved by MANEB.

During registration, candidates should provide the following information:

(a) Correct  name and name spellings

(b) Correct date and year of birth

(c) Correct subject entries, especially for MSCE

MANEB is urging  centres to strictly observe the following related schedule:

(a) 16th September to 31st October 2019- Registration of candidates in examination centres

(b) 4th November to 8th November, 2019- Submission of verified data to respective District Education Managers’ ( DEMs) offices

(c) 15th November, 2019- Closing date for submission of the registration data and photo collection  forms  to MANEB  offices.

Centres are reminded to ensure that candidates verify their registration data before submission of the same to DEMs offices.

Details on procedures for registering the candidates , collection of photos for ID production and payment of examination and ID fees  are stipulated in MANEB circular letters on ‘Registration of candidates for 2020 PSLCE and MSCE examinations’  sent to all approved examination centres.

Registration data and candidates’ photos for examination centres in the Northern and Central Regions should be submitted to the MANEB Regional Offices in Mzuzu and Lilongwe, respectively.


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