MANEB has sent to all secondary schools that administer practical examinations a list of equipment, chemicals and other materials required for practical examinations. Schools will be required to procure and stock enough quantities of   the specified equipment, chemicals and materials for all candidates. Procurement of the materials should be done   as soon as they receive the list. Schools that will procure examination equipment and chemicals a day before the examination will be disqualified.

The Centre Supervisor will collect the envelope containing Confidential Instructions from the distribution centre a day before the examination and hand it over to the subject teacher. The subject teacher will open the Envelope containing the Confidential Instructions a day before the examination and start making preparations for the examination.


Only the subject teacher must have access to the Confidential Instructions and they must not be revealed to any other person(s). Revealing contents of the Confidential Instructions will lead to disqualification of the candidates and the subject teacher will be prosecuted in a court of law. The role of the subject teacher is just to prepare equipment, chemicals and other materials for the examination and make them available to the candidates. Assisting candidates perform experiments is unacceptable and will lead to disqualification and prosecution in a court of law.

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