The Malawi National Examinations Board (MANEB) has started registering candidates for the 2018 Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination (PSLCE) and Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) examination. The closing date for the registration and payment of examination fees is 29th December 2017.


          EXAMINATION FEES                                                           (MK)

1             PSLCE (External Candidates)          

 Fees per Subject                                                              100.00

 Entry fee per Candidate                                                    500.00

 Form fee per Candidate                                                    500.00

 Administration fee per Candidate                                       500.00

 Centre fee per Candidate                                                  500.00


2             MSCE

(a)        Internal Candidates

     Fees per Subject                                                   1,000.00

     Entry fee per Candidate                                         1,625.00

     Administration fee per Candidate                              875.00

     Centre fee per Candidate                                         875.00


(b)        External Candidates

     Fees per Subject                                                    1,000.00

     Entry fee per Candidate                                          1,625.00

     Administration fee per Candidate                               875.00

     Form fee per Candidate                                            875.00

     Centre fee per Candidate                                          875.00



          1        PSLCE (Internal and External)                     1,500.00

          2        MSCE (Internal and External)                      2,000.00

MANEB is advising head teachers to use an electronic spreadsheet for registering their candidates. The head teachers are urged to collect the electronic registration spreadsheet from their respective District Education Managers (DEMs). PSLCE and MSCE examinations have separate copies of the spreadsheet for internal, external and ODL candidates (i.e. candidates registered with MCDE).  These have been labeled accordingly. It is not allowed to delete subjects or introduce other columns on the templates.


Schools that do not have MANEB centre numbers should register their students as external candidates at nearby schools which have MANEB centre numbers and they should liaise with the DEM’s office in this regard.


On registration of special needs (SNE) candidates, centres are advised to register such candidates just like the rest of the candidates, without indicating any identification codes on the computer spreadsheet. However, details of particular challenges of the respective SNE candidates should be submitted to MANEB by head teachers of the concerned candidates through the DEM.  MSCE Examination centres are also advised to inform their MSCE Braille candidates registering for Computer Studies that they will be required to sit for the practical component of the examination.


Head teachers should also ensure that only candidates who pay full examination fees are registered for examinations.  It should also be noted that as was the case last year, Centre Administration fees will not be paid to MANEB but to the DEM.


Examination centres are strongly advised to register as internal only those candidates who are bonafide students of the school. It is a serious offence in MANEB regulations to register as internal candidates, external candidates or candidates from other schools. Examination centres are also strongly warned against registering candidates more than what their (lone/cluster) centre can accommodate. In this respect, examination centres should ensure that the number of external candidates does not exceed 70% of the internal candidates registered.


Examination centres are informed that they should NOT register candidates for JCE examination. Therefore, no centre should collect any fees be it examination or ID fees from Form 2 learners.


All completed registration data should be submitted to the DEM’s office immediately after the closing date.


As is the requirement, every PSLCE and MSCE candidate should have a MANEB examination identification card. MANEB has, therefore, sent PSLCE and MSCE ID data collection forms to schools. The procedures for capturing ID data have been detailed in the letters that have been sent to schools together with the ID data collection forms.


Head teachers of examination centres are further advised to refer to Data Officers at the DEM’s office any query relating to data information of their candidates.


For further enquiries on the registration exercise, call us on (+265)1525 212, Fax: (+265)1 525 351 or send e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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