2017 PSLCE Exam: 3 Head Teachers Arrested For Malpractices


Three head teachers have been arrested for alleged malpractices during the just-ended Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSLCE) examinations.

Malawi National Examinations Board (Maneb) spokesperson Simeon Maganga yesterday said the three were arrested on three separate occasions in Mangochi, Blantyre Urban and Blantyre Rural.

He said the first case was reported in Mangochi where police arrested Aljazeera Girls Islamic Primary School head teacher Edward Mitepa on suspicion that he contravened regulations guiding proper conduct of national examinations.

The other suspect, Dalitso Muluwiza, head teacher for Little Champs Academy in Blantyre Urban, was arrested for registering 20 pupils as internal candidates at Chilaweni Primary School without the knowledge of district education manager.

The act, which contravenes Maneb conduct of Examinations Regulations Section, 2008, 18 (1), led to the arrest of the third suspect, Dennis Thumba, head teacher for Chilaweni Primary School in Blantyre Rural for registering the students from Little Champs Academy.

Maganga, however, said despite registering such setbacks, including minimal cases of cheating, the board did not register any leakages as has been the case in the previous three years.

“Maneb once again posted leakage-free examinations as no candidate had access to any of the question papers prior to the set date and time of writing. This success story was a result of concerted efforts between Maneb and all its stakeholders,” he said.— The Nation, May 22, http://mwnation.com/3-head-teachers-arrested-for-exam-malpractices/

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