Frequently Asked Questions?

Q. How can I report examination malpractices?

A. MANEB welcomes both known and anonymous

Q. Can I change my name on a certificate?

A. Once a certificate is produced (even when examination results are released), MANEB does not have the mandate change names of candidates. Such powers rest in the Office of the President and Cabinet.

Those wishing to change their names should, therefore, forward their applications to the OPC; and should come to MANEB with all relevant documents only when they are successful.  

Q. How can I get an academic transcript? 

A. Transcripts are issued when an individual requests MANEB to give information on how he/she passed in any of the examinations that we administer. Transcript processing takes at least three (3) hours, all things being equal, and below is the procedure: 

  1. An individual fills Transcript Application Form which requires name, examination number, school(s) attended, subjects passed, correct grades of the subjects passed and details of the addressee (employer/organisation)
  2. The Transcript is addressed to the employer/organisation (as indicated in 1 above)that requires the information
  3. The Transcript carries MANEB seal for authenticity.
  4. The Transcript is wax-sealed and sent to the employer/organisation in question.
  5. Payment of a processing fee of MK1, 000.00 for local use and MK3, 000.00 for international use. 

Note: We encourage applicants to send their transcripts themselves as MANEB does not shoulder posting charges. Applicants are further warned against opening the wax-sealed envelope as doing so invalidates the transcript.


Q. Does MANEB equate certificates?

A. Yes, we do. The application procedure is like that of academic transcript. Processing fee is MK 5,000.

Q. How can I get a notification of results slip?

A. A notification of results slip is a document which MANEB prints in triplicate for every candidate who sits for national examinations. This document is meant to be used while waiting for the processing of a certificate. MANEB delivers notification of results slips to District Education Offices from where examination centres (schools) collect. This being the case, candidates do not have to come to MANEB to collect their notification of results slips as they collect them from their respective schools for free. However, if a candidate comes to MANEB and requests that we reproduce a notification of results slip for him or her— instead of collecting from their school— we process it at a fee of K1000 per triplicate.

Q. What is the procedure for replacing a lost or damaged certificate?

A. In the event that a certificate is lost or damaged, a certifying statement will be issued upon submission of application. The application letter must be submitted together with:

  • Police Report;
  • School Reference or Testimonial from where an individual got the certificate;
  • Reference from a notable or well-known person such as Member of Parliament (MP), Doctor, Reverend, Chief, Magistrate etcetera, testifying that he/she knows the applicant personally;
  • Payment of processing fee of K5, 000.00 to be deposited in MANEB’s National Bank Account No. 0141035019501 – Zomba Branch

The applicant should, then, hand-deliver all these documents in person to MANEB Offices, Off Malemia Road, Next to Old Parliament Building in Zomba. An application made through a third person will be rejected.

Processing takes at least two weeks, all things being equal, hence applicants who need documentation urgently should process an Academic Transcript.

When processing is done, MANEB will contact the applicant using contact details indicated on the application letter. The applicant should come with a valid identification documents i.e. passport, licence of MEC voter registration card to collect the certificate.

Q. I have more than one certificate. Is it possible to merge them into one by choosing the best subjects only? 

A. No, it is not. Once a candidate manages to qualify for the award of a certificate in one examination sitting, that certificate cannot be changed.

This notwithstanding, a candidate is free to re-write any number of subjects as they wish. If the subjects re-written are less that those required to qualify for a certificate, they will be issued with a Notification of Results slip to be used together with their certificate. Alternative, they could be applying for an academic transcript which could chronicle all the subjects passed and including respective years of passing.

If a candidate writes enough subjects and qualifies for the award of a certificate, he will be awarded a certificate but he should choose a better one and surrender the other to MANEB to be destroyed.

Q. I have more than one certificate and use just one. Can I donate the remaining certificates to my relation?

A. No, you cannot. Otherwise it is a crime, punishable by law

Q. My brother is dead but had a very good MSCE. Could I be using it?

A. No. This is a crime as it breaches Section 360 of the Penal Code which criminalises uttering/tendering of false document. Those found to be engaging in this malpractice will be arrested and prosecuted in a court of law.

Q. I have been writing examinations more than once but I haven’t been able to get a full certificate. Is there any way out?

A. Yes, you may apply for a Certificate by Accumulation. This certificate is produced when a candidate, who fails to pass enough subjects to qualify for the award of MSCE in a single examination sitting, qualifies for the same in several but not more than four consecutive examination sittings i.e. from 2010 to 2013; 2011 to 2014; 2012 to 2015 etc as long as it is within a four-year bracket.

When a candidate meets the requirements for the award of a certificate (see under MSCE), they write a letter applying for “Certificate by Accumulation” to: 

The Executive Director


Box 191


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

In the letter, the candidate explains that they satisfy the conditions for the award of a certificate by giving details such as: years when examinations were written, schools attended, examination numbers and grades obtained.

NOTE: Such applications should be made only when production of certificates for candidates who passed in one examination sitting is done i.e. currently, from 2013 going down.

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