Education and Occupational Training:

This training is aimed at aiding in selection of individuals for further studies.  This is done through psychometric (aptitude) tests developed locally or by international testing organisations but adapted for the local environment. Psychometric tests are also used for selecting candidates for technical, clerical, administrative and other occupations. These tests are further used for testing English proficiency of aspirants for political positions such as Councillors and Members of Parliament when requested.

Evaluating and Testing Job Applications:

Aiding the civil service, parastatal organisations and the private sector in the selection of candidates for established posts or for training. Conducting research studies and providing special testing and data processing support upon request. 

Training in Measurement and Evaluation:

Offering training in assessment procedures to educators.


Conducting research in support of all programmes in which MANEB is involved.

Research may be initiated at the request of a government department or any organisation, or it may arise from the interest of the Board.

Regular research studies and other testing reports prepared by MANEB include:

  • validity of psychometric (aptitude) tests
  • post-hoc analyses of examinations
  • comparability studies between international and local examination on the grading standards
  • production of booklets on test items

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