Welcome to the Department of Examinations!

The Department's main responsibility is development and administration of examinations. It is divided into three sections: Examinations Logistics, External Examinations and Education. Each section works hand in hand with the other to compliment the efforts of the department.

  1. Examinations Logistics
    • Registration of candidates, advertisement, general communication, examination centre lists and queries.
    • Production of examination timetables.
    • Examination administration.
    • Appointment and briefing of invigilators and supervisors.
    • Marking
    • Release of results.
  2. Education Section
    • Item development - setting, moderation, type setting and printing
    • Production of Chief Examiners' Reports.
    • Determination of examination paper formats.
  3. External Examinations
    • Capture of external examinations data (LCCI and ABE).
    • Storage of external examinations related data.
    • Dissemination of examination related information.


  • Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSLCE)
  • Junior Certificate of Education (JCE)
  • Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE)
  • Primary Teachers Certificate of Education (PTCE)
  • Craft and External