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Registration for 2016 National Examinations

Registration for 2016 national examinations is underway and will be closed on 11th December, 2015. Candidates are therefore encouraged to register at their convenient examination centre before the closing date. Click Here For More Details...

The 2015 MSCE Exam results are out.

2015 MSCE Examination results are out. Out of 136,296 candidates who sat the exam in at least six subjects including English, 75,296 candidates have passed, representing a 55.2% pass rate. Click Here For More Details...

The 2015 PSLCE and JCE Exam results .

Out of the total 249,031 candidates who wrote the 2015 Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSLCE) Examination, 168,221 candidates have qualified for the award of the certificate representing a 67.6% pass rate. Last year, 259,251 candidates wrote the examination and 160,966 passed, representing 68.98% pass rate.

As for the 2015 Junior Certificate of Education (JCE) Examination, 134,490 candidates wrote the examination and 91,223 candidates have passed. This represents a pass rate of 67.8 % pass rate. Last year, out of the 124,999 candidates who wrote the examination, 91,539 passed representing 73.23% pass rate.

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